Otterbox Defender Case Review – Try The Protection With The vivo Y 12

Vivo has recently launched its latest smartphone – the Y12. The Y12 has a powerful chipset, a 3.2-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, a built-in FM radio, and many advanced applications. Here’s a quick rundown of what the Y12 can do for you.

Technology The Vivo Y12is the first true triple camera vivo y12 smartphone from Vivo. It has an eight megapixel primary camera with f/2.0 aperture, optical zoom, and an 8 mega pixel secondary camera with dual optical zoom. The secondary camera has a dual tone flash, so you can take a photo with a lower quality and more realism. For those who want to capture their every day activities, the vivo y12 allows you to download Google Maps onto the phone. This new handset comes preinstalled with Android 9.3, which is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. You also get Android O, which is an update to Android O that adds a ton of new features to it.

Performance The camera on the vivo y12 is not the newest smartphone. It’s actually the second generation of this feature-rich device. With that said, it still has all of the high-end features that you expect from this brand. The Vivo Y12 runs on the new octa-core chipset from Samsung, the MTK LPAQ 7series, and it has a powerful Adreno processor. This is an excellent smartphone that gives you plenty of features, but does come with a few downfalls.

Price The priced at Rs 3500 in India, the vivo y12 is slightly expensive. However, the advantages of this smartphone outweigh the price. The phone has a nice build quality, a powerful processor, and a decent camera. The battery life on this handset isn’t really long, and that can be a little disappointing. A great product like this one would definitely offer more battery life for a better value.

Camera The camera on the vivo y12 isn’t anything special. It’s got a decent camera, but lacks some features that could have made it a better choice. Compared to other phones of its type, the camera on the YE12 doesn’t have a great image processing software, and it lacks a fast optical zoom. This review is not really helpful about this area, but we’ll do another review about this camera later.

Ultra Mode The smartphone also has the ultra mode, which is a nice extra feature. The ultra mode improves the clarity of images and videos taken with the handset, and it allows the user to edit in a variety of different functions. The clarity is better than that of many smartphones, but if you want to have a smooth gaming experience on the go, then you shouldn’t really bother with the extra image quality. This review isn’t helpful about this area of the vivo y12, but we’ll do another review about it at a later date.